Questions & Answers

Q. What is the scheme? A. Agility Eco have appointed C Supplies to run their appliance replacement scheme. All products in this scheme are £75.

Q. Who is eligible? A. A funded appliance can only be awarded to a beneficiary who meets any of the eligibility criteria. Full details can be found below.

Q. How do we put forward beneficiaries? A. Orders will need to be placed directly onto the portal – HEART  C Supplies will contact the beneficiary to arrange delivery & installation within 2 working days of the order being confirmed.

Q. Are there any scheme regulations? A. The only stipulation is that a beneficiary MUST have an appliance that is old & inefficient that can be taken away to be recycled in line with WEEE at the same time as we deliver & install the new appliance.

Q. Are they brand new appliances with a 12 month warranty? A. All items are brand new & are purchased direct from manufacturers – we only ever supply brand new products across all our categories. Some the appliances we supply have a 2-year warranty.

Q. Is installation included in this scheme? A. All appliances awarded through this scheme must be installed. This is a requirement of the scheme.

Q. Can a beneficiary keep their old appliance? A. Under this scheme the beneficiary can NOT keep their old appliance. If there is not one to be taken away at the point of delivery/install, then the new appliances will be taken away again, and the delivery will fail.

Q. What are the costs to the charity? A. Each appliance costs only £75 and that includes delivery, installation and removal of the old one. The only other charges would be failed delivery charges.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Charity is responsible for providing the information required & checking that the beneficiary meets the eligibility requirements.
  • Every appliance that is applied for MUST have an old one that can be removed from the property at the point of delivery/install fo the new appliance.
  • Any failed deliveries will be charged at the following rates;
    • Refrigeration £40 (ex vat)
    • Laundry £45 (ex vat)
    • Cooking £60 (ex vat)

Products Available

  • Washing Machine – 8KG, 1200RPM – H85 x W60 x D56cm
  • Under Counter Larder Fridge – H85 x W48 x D50cm
  • Under Counter Freezer – H84 x W48 x D50cm
  • Fridge Freezer – 50/50 split – H136 x W48 x D50cm
  • Family Fridge Freezer – 50/50 split – H174 x W55 x D58cm
  • Electric Cooker – Single Cavity, Solid Hob – H90 x W50 x D60cm
  • Gas Cooker – Single Cavity – H90 x W50 x D60cm

HEART – Eligibility criteria

HEART – Products