Covid-19 Update

Given the current issues surrounding the outbreak of Coronavirus, which are well reported in the media and are now receiving significant government attention in the UK. I wanted to notify you of the current procedures C Supplies are putting into place.

Internally, we are putting steps in place to ensure continuity within the business as well as to best protect our staff. This will be in place by COP Tuesday 17th.

With regards to white goods deliveries the following steps will be put into place immediately;

  • When booking out deliveries CSL will be asking further questions relating to health and asking if the beneficiary is in self isolation – if the response is yes, we will ask them to contact us back once their period of self-isolation is over. If no, we will continue to book the delivery.
  • The text with the timeslot will be amended to say that if they have symptoms or are in self isolation to contact us immediately to rearrange the delivery as it will not take place.
  • Our drivers will be provided with disposable gloves which they will be required to put on before each delivery and dispose of in a specially provided box after each job. They will be told not to touch anything other than things necessary to deliver and install the appliance.
  • As they arrive at the property, they will ask the beneficiary if they are in self isolation, if the response is yes, the delivery will not take place.

Any further decisions will be made taking into consideration the need to provide a service for our customers, along with attempting to limit the risk to both our delivery crews and your beneficiaries. As and when any further decisions are to be made these will be communicated with you accordingly.

We hope you will assist in supporting this matter and if you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards, Sarah